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17 Dec

What is it about work holiday parties that make you feel a complete obligation to go? If I don’t regularly see out outside of work, it’s probably because I don’t like you that much and think that already spending the obligatory 40 hours a week with you is about 39 1/2 hours too many. And what is the deal with $10 gift swaps? Seriously, what can you actually buy for $10 that anyone would want? You then end up with 40 $10 Dunkin Donuts gift cards. Everyone enjoy- since we all got the same thing, this coffee is actually on you! The only good part could be if your boss has the intelligence to make the party during work hours so employees can leave. However, in some cases I actually think sitting at my desk traipsing around google and is much more appealing than spending the last 2 hours of my Thursday at my boss’s home eating taco dip and making small talk about all the gift wrapping and shopping that still needs to be done. At least I feel pretty confident this year that my boss will not be dressing up in full Santa attire and asking the staff what they want for Christmas. But you never really know what to expect at these parties. The window of opportunity for craziness to ensue is blown wide open as soon as the invites go out. My game plan for this year: get in, get gift card, get out. G-G-G-lorious.