Canada Dry is my FAV!

8 Nov

If you are sick and come to work anyway, I would appreciate it if you just lie to me and tell me you feel like a million bucks. I do feel bad if you are behind on your work, or if you have no more personal time off, but that really isn’t my problem.  I am possibly the most SUPER paranoid person around when it comes to sickness and if you tell me that Ginger Ale just happens to be your favorite new soda, or that you are simply trying out a new green-tinted face moisturizer, I would really appreciate it. In the end, you will too. Because trust me, if I know you are sitting less that a foot away from me and are not acting in your normal rude, condesending way because you don’t feel good, I will go on nothing short of a WW3 rampage right in the office. So whip it back around and skedaddle right back home. Thanks.


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